Our Winemaker

monsoon-wine-maker Ms. Kathrin Puff
Siam Winery Co., Ltd.

Ms Kathrin Puff is Siam Winery’s resident winemaker, overseeing production of Monsoon Valley Wines, the leading premium Thai wine brand, as well as various products under Siam Winery – Mont Clair, Kookaburra, Chateau Vendome, Peter Vella etc.

Kathrin studied viticulture and oenology in Udine (Italy) and Geisenheim (Germany) acquiring double diplomas from both institutions in 2004. She began her career in the wine industry as a Cellar Hand and Assistant Vineyard Manager at Winery Villa Gutenberg, in Germany, in 1999.

KathrinPuffIn 2001, she moved to Italy and had the chance to work at several wineries including Laboratory Dottore Diust as Assistant Wine Consultant and Laboratory Technican; Assistant Winemaker and Assistant Vineyard Manager at Azienda Borgo del Tiglio; Assistant Winemaker at Azienda Pighin in Udine; and she was then promoted to become Chief Winemaker at Azienda Dievole, reknown producer of prestigious Chianti Classico. Her expertise in wine is not limited to the European wine industry. In 2005 and 2007, she had the opportunity to participate as associate winemaker during two vintages in New Zealand. Kathrin considers these experiences highly important as they helped open her eyes to new technologies, techniques and traditions in the new world wine sector, helping her to understand other cultures.

These outstanding experiences and her intimate knowledge of wine, led to her appointment as Siam Winery’s Winemaker in 2007. Here she is responsible, working with Siam Winery’s consultants and staff, in guaranteeing the highest level of professionalism in winemaking as well as the best possible quality in every bottle of Siam Winery’s premium wines.

In her free and spare time she enjoys outsides’ sports participating frequently as well at Triathlon and running competitions. If she is not training then she likes going travelling or enjoying a good glass of wine with friends and family.